Taxi Account | Personal or Corporate

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Your corporate or personal taxi account with All Island Yellow Cab will make frequent traveling easy!

Corporate Taxi Account

A Corporate Account is a smart, convenient and cost-effective way to take care of your business’ transportation demands without wasting time tracking expense accounts. It’s an easy way to arrange rides for clients and employees, handle trips to and from the airport, take care of last-minute document deliveries and meet any other transportation needs your business may have.

Personal Taxi Account

Personal Accounts make transportation easy for those who don’t have their own vehicle, those who are disabled or elderly and those who simply use our service regularly. Personal accounts are also great for students who need to go to and from class on a daily basis. Personal accounts are also perfect for the regular commuter who may need to go to and from the local train station.

For more information about opening an account, please call 516-326-9090 ext. 303